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Qiu Yang is a Beijing-born photographer and director, best known for his still life and studio-based photography. He lives and works in Amsterdam, NL where he and his partner run his eponymous studio, collaborating with international clients in industries such as luxury, fashion and tech.

Qiu’s eye for composition, colour and narrative is informed by his life thus far spent in equal parts in two different cultures (Chinese and European). This convergence of the East and the West allows him to fuel his images with the tension and energy of this cultural meeting.

Through Qiu’s work, the viewer is invited to follow a visual story that lends for an intimate and revealing new perception of the subject itself. Oftentimes working without set elements–his visuals are kept raw, minimal and true to his vision of the subject. If set elements do appear, they are informed by the subject and have been meticulously planned – becoming an essential part of the final image.

Through technical precision enlightened by a unique eye – Qiu Yang’s work reintroduces still life to contemporary photography. His work brings us closer to the material while encouraging our eyes to dive deeper into his vision of beauty.

Yang frequently has assignments in Paris, New York, and Amsterdam.


CARTEL and Co. is a creative management and production company founded in 2012, located in NYC and Paris. Working across traditional media and emerging technologies.


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