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SERVICES GÉNÉRAUX is a creative image-making studio, founded and helmed by creative duo Antoine and Valentin.

Antoine and Valentin are Directors and Photographers, but moreover they are visual artists and image-makers that challenge their creativity and technicality to craft sharp visual narratives, using any medium. The studio is dedicated to creating and producing the concepts and storytellings, imagined by the duo.

Since 2017, the studio uses diverse mediums, from live-action to CGI tools, to express Antoine and Valentin’s creative vision from A to Z. This vision resonates with contemporary audiences in the fashion, arts, music, beauty and culture industries. SG’s vision and practice are driven by a bold artistic sensitivity and equally embraces technicality and creativity to give life to compelling narratives.

Select clients include: Byredo, Chanel Beauty, Chimi, Converse, Dior, Evian, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Mercedes-Benz, Jordan, Nike, Nina Ricci, Oakley, Rimowa, and Salomon.


CARTEL and Co. is a creative management and production company founded in 2012, located in NYC and Paris. Working across traditional media and emerging technologies.


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Partner / Agent
Ian Gipe
Partner / Agent
Yoni Ben-Yosef
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Juliette d’Udekem d’Acoz
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Laila Varaschin
Jaime Gipe